A kind of American whiskey distilled from maize and rye.

For those in the bourbon industry, the movement and storage of maturing spirit inventory is one of the most important processes in the production of great tasting bourbon. If managed effectively, it can ensure producers consistently deliver high-quality finished spirit product, while meeting targets in a cost-effective way that optimises utilisation of all resources. Yet this is a complex area with a number of unique challenges.

Bourbon producers need powerful, innovative solutions to these challenges that ensure they are able to run a profitable, successful enterprise. DRAMS has been specifically developed to meet unique industry challenges, and enable organisations to streamline operations, reduce costs, and provide managers and planners with a holistic overview of all maturing spirit stocks. It provides them with the control they need to make effective strategic decisions that bring real benefits to the entire business.

Wild Turkey Case Study

I can inquire on stock using a variety of filters such as spirit type, filling year, batch or warehouse location. If I have any concerns over stock availability I can go to this screen and quickly identify the stock I’m interested in. This is a huge benefit.



Bourbon stock management

For bourbon distillers, the ability to produce the same consistent spirit stock of the highest...

Main Features

Warehouse Management

The DRAMS package provides control over multi-location, multi-warehouse environments, providing a detailed inventory of stock, tracking contents and location of every barrel. Graphical warehouse analysis allows the warehouse manager to optimise use of available space, and provides key stakeholders with a complete overview of their stocks. The system also improves management of warehouse rents, via production of rental invoices and accrued rent calculation reports. 

Regulatory Compliance

DRAMS produces key reports and audit trails required with various pieces of national and international regulation and legislation. This includes Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in the UK, and the Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) in North America. The system also protects data and information, providing users with backup documentation, and an effective means of managing receipts and despatch documents. 


Easy to use enquiry screens and blending functions enable blending processes to be optimised, and blend teams to easily identify and select the stock which best meets their requirements. Providing organisations with an advanced means of managing their blend recipes, the system allows teams to automatically select stock and generate picking lists, and it also provides analysis of blends, as well as maturation losses.