DRAMS Distillery Management: 40 Years Old & Improving with Age

The Aberdeen-based spirit stock management system used by Bacardi, Wm Grant & Sons, Whyte & Mackay, and Campari (among others), has celebrated 40 years of continued success.

Photo of a glass of spirit DRAMS (Distillery Records and Management System) was first developed in Aberdeen in 1974. Designed to manage the movement and storage of maturing spirit inventory, its dedicated focus on the unique requirements of the maturing stock sector was critical to its early success – and remains so to this day.

Of course, while the product’s focus remains unchanged, the system itself is unrecognisable. In the 1970s clients sent paperwork by train to the Aberdeen office for processing; today DRAMS incorporates the latest technology such as real-time scanning processes for tracking cask movement and storage.

Fuelled by extensive investment in R&D and a commitment to delivering on extensive client-requested system customisations, DRAMS has continually evolved over the past 40 years; ensuring it remains at the forefront of the industry’s requirements – and literally improving with age.

Recent years have seen DRAMS undertake a successful expansion into the North American and Caribbean market; the system’s functionality extending beyond the management of whisky to include other maturing stocks such as Bourbon, Rum and Tequila.

Of the organisation’s success, Susan Young, Business Application Analyst from William Grant & Sons says: "DRAMS is a specialised product for a specialised sector: it’s simply the right tool for the job.”

DRAMS Product Manager, Graham Murdoch, is clear as to what makes DRAMS the market leader: “Our support centre, which continues to be based in Aberdeen, enables us to provide the high level of customer care our clients demand. Our financial stability is the platform on which we have grown, enabling us to invest to evolve the product in line with the industry’s needs – which in turn creates opportunities to expand our user base in Scotland and beyond.”