DRAMScan: a cask scanning module for the DRAMS distillery management system that dramatically simplifies the process of recording cask locations and movements

Meet Fraser. He’s the new warehouse manager at a busy distillery with responsibility for the movements of thousands of casks. Manually managing processes is proving almost impossible – and prone to costly mistakes. Warehouse workers are always complaining they can’t find a required cask, or handing Fraser batches of scribbled notes of cask movements. He needs to do a full inventory check but it will take weeks and he can’t stop movements in a warehouse for that long. Fraser knows the solution to his problem lies in a bar coding system...


John is also a warehouse manager, but he recently installed the new integrated DRAMScan module for DRAMS. Now, warehouse workers simply point and click to record cask locations – meaning they can accurately scan thousands of casks per day. All scan details are automatically uploaded into DRAMS via Wifi. For inventory checks the data is compared with the DRAMS system, any exceptions are reported, and the stock system positional data is automatically updated. DRAMScan ensures accuracy of stock location information, so John is confident he’s making the most of DRAMS’ reports and warehouse management tools. It improves staff utilisation and aids efficient warehouse usage. Additionally, when stock is selected for a blending operation or removal, the scanners act as safety valves to ensure the correct casks are removed. Thanks to DRAMScan, John’s team is better employed and costly mistakes are a thing of the past.

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Managing cask movements

In order for spirits distilleries to run effective, profitable businesses, warehouse managers must...

Main Features


Fully integrated single solution for DRAMS and handheld banner scanners.

Data Transfer

Automatic, wireless and real-time transfer of data to the stock control system


Real-time enquiry from scanner gun to DRAMS