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It is vital that producers of spirits are able to consistently meet their long-term production targets and bottling plans. Yet with so many factors to consider – stock quantity, warehouse space, maturation loss, recipes and blending ingredients (and their availability), plus age of stock and production capacity –this is a complex task with huge financial implications.

DRAMS is equipped to ensure managers are able to consistently meet planned future production targets and consumer demand, via the Long-Term Planning module. The module provides accurate calculations of maturing spirit inventory, creating a holistic overview of all stocks and ingredients, as well as warehouse space and cask and barrel availability. The solution offers a month-by-month view of operations, and provides users with alerts and notifications, enabling organisations to adjust production strategy as necessary. 


Managing recipes and ingredients

The Challenge

In order for producers of spirits to consistently meet targets in line with their...

Main Features

Simplified data management

Using spreadsheets or paper-based methods of tracking production and managing spirit stock complicates processes and raises the risk of data errors. The Long Term Planning module simplifies the exporting and importing of data and makes it easier to create reports and models quickly.

Accurate reports and data

It is vital that managers are able to accurately evaluate their existing stock and determine whether they have enough to serve as ingredients in their blending plans. The Long Term Planning module provides accurate, up-to-date information and data on all stocks, creating a holistic view of operations and generating reliable reports. 

Month-by-month overview

As organisations look to meet their bottling plans and production plans for the next five, ten, 15 or even 25 years, it’s vital that managers can ensure production is aligned with their future targets. The Long Term Planning module takes an entire plan for a spirit and each month provides managers with reports to help them check whether they are on track to meet their long-term targets.