A Mexican alcoholic spirit made from agave.

Tequila is one of the fastest growing spirits in recent years and the tequila industry has gone from strength to strength in international markets – although the impact from traditional cycles of agave gluts and shortages continues. Modern tequila distilleries must be able to successfully exploit opportunities in a growing sector, while also managing traditional challenges. Managers must therefore find innovative ways of reducing operational costs, while optimising use of staff and resources. Nowhere is this more important than in spirit stock management, where failure to streamline processes and work effectively can result in costly misallocation of resources, and production targets being missed.

For organisations to consistently produce great quality tequila that customers love, while meeting production targets efficiently, the ability to monitor and control their spirit stocks is vital. Yet the movement and storage of maturing spirit inventory has a number of complex challenges which can have a direct impact on the final quality of the tequila. So how can organisations meet these challenges?


Tequila Stock Management

As any Tequila distillery or warehouse manager knows, producing high-quality spirit effectively and...

Main Features

Warehouse Management

The DRAMS package provides control over multi-location, multi-warehouse environments, providing a detailed inventory of stock, tracking contents and location of every barrel. Graphical warehouse analysis allows the warehouse manager to optimise use of available space, and provides key stakeholders with a complete overview of their stocks. The system also improves management of warehouse rents, via production of rental invoices and accrued rent calculation reports. 

Regulatory Compliance

DRAMS produces key reports and audit trails required with various pieces of national and international regulation and legislation. This includes Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in the UK, and the Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) in North America. The system also protects data and information, providing users with backup documentation, and an effective means of managing receipts and despatch documents. 


Easy to use enquiry screens and blending functions enable blending processes to be optimised, and blend teams to easily identify and select the stock which best meets their requirements. Providing organisations with an advanced means of managing their blend recipes, the system allows teams to automatically select stock and generate picking lists, and it also provides analysis of blends, as well as maturation losses.