DRAMS Software

Distillery Records and Management System - The movement and storage of maturing spirit inventory is a process with a number of unique challenges which standard stock control packages cannot address. DRAMS has been specifically developed to meet these challenges.

Spirit distillation and management is a fine art that balances various complex factors with intricate, unique requirements to produce high quality end products that not only meet planned production targets, but also meet the high standards of customers.

In order to take into account the multitude of considerations organisations must contend with as they manage their bulk spirit stock, as well as case and dry goods, technology can be used to streamline processes, optimise business practices, save time and reduce costs. Yet standard stock control packages are not enough here. In order to ensure you overcome the myriad different challenges of spirit stock and distillery management effectively, you need technology that has been designed to meet the specific demands of your industry. 

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